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New Matilda

13/09/2016 – A Casual Killing: How Government and Business Keep Costs Down By Ripping of Yours 

25/08/2016 – How Job Agencies Bully the Unemployed and Get Away With It 

29/06/2016 – Who Does a Surplus Serve?

03/05/2016 – How Work for the Dole Discriminates Even After Death

05/03/2016 – Malcolm Turnbull Escalates His War on the Poor and Unemployed

20/11/2015 – Our Punitive Welfare Policies Crush the Unemployment and Keep them Out of Work

The Guardian

29/11/2016 – Australian Jobseekers Report Bullying and Work for the Dole Safety Fears

01/10/2016 – Nearly 90% of Work for the Dole Participants Not in Full Time Work After Three Months

01/10/2016 – Ill or Injured Jobseekers Lose Welfare If They Cant’t Take Up Training Programs

22/09/2016 – Centrelink Could Be Sued Over Privatisation of Job Schemes

02/09/2016- Labor Shouldn’t Support Newstart Cuts. It Would be a Moral and Electoral Mistake 

Courier Mail

24/12/2015 –Australian Unemployed Workers Union Plans Class Action Over Welfare 

The Age

16/10/2014 – Australian Unemployment Union Wants to Represent the Out of Work 

Sydney Morning Herald

22/04/2016 – Work for the Dole Programs Are Putting Workers Safety At Risk, Says the AUWU 

21/08/2016 – Welfare Groups Plead with PM: Keep $4 a Week Payment for Poorest Australians

30/06/2016 – Milliennials Start Own Businesses in Wake of Shake Job Market

Herald Sun

29/11/16 – Asbestos Find at Work for the Dole Site Sparks Fears for Workers’ Safety

06/04/2016 – We Must be Firm and Fair When it Comes to Welfare Payments

07/04/2016 –A Quarter of All Dole Recipients Shirking Appointments and Jobs 

The Australian

27/09/2016 – Christian Porter Aim is to Empower Through Dignity of Work 


20/09/2016 – Federal Government Signals Radical Overhaul to Welfare 

Red Flag

02/03/2016 – Job Agencies to Get Unprecedented Powers

The Chronicle

29/09/2016 – Fight for Answers Over Toowoomba Work for the Dole Death

21/04/2016 – Family Breaks Silence After Work for the Dole Tragedy

21/04/2016 – How It Happened: Teen Killed at Work for the Dole Accident 

World Socialist Website

07/05/2016 – Young Worker Dies on Australian Work for the Dole Scheme

Gold Coast Bulletin

20/06/2016 – Commonwealth Games 2018 Bosses Target Gold Coast Jobless

Pro Bono Australia

08/09/2016 – Alliance Calls on Govt to Stop Criminalisation of the Unemployed

26/09/2016 – Union Canvassing to Sue Centrelink Over Privatisation of Job Schemes