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Half of Unemployed Dumped Their Demerits!

In July, the AUWU launched its Dump Your Demerits Campaign and encouraged unemployed workers to fight the imposition of unfair demerit points.

We have just been informed that between July and September this year, 50% of unemployed workers facing the ‘penalty zone’ successfully managed to get Centrelink to Dump Their Demerits.

This shows that the Demerit Point system is simply continuation the unfairness of the previous compliance system which also had a 50% error rate. This is a national disgrace.

In our petition here we are demanding Kelly O’Dwyer abolish this unfair compliance system.

We are joining forces with GetUp!

As unemployed workers, governments have always locked us out of policy decisions that affect our lives. With your help, we can finally have our voices heard.

Since 2015, unemployed workers have been building a strong voice within the AUWU. Now, we have joined forces with GetUp! to make our voices even stronger.

As part of this campaign, GetUp! will amplify the voices of unemployed AUWU members demanding the Coalition increase Newstart and address Australia’s growing jobs crisis.

Please fill out our short questionnaire to lend your voice to this campaign. 

GetUp! will provide media training, ongoing support, and cover all associated costs of anyone acting as a spokesperson for this campaign.

Thanks to GetUp’s reach, we have an opportunity to start a new era of Australian politics in which the rights and dignity of unemployed workers are respected.

For this campaign to work, it is crucial individual unemployed workers speak out.

To apply to represent the AUWU in this campaign, please fill out this short 2 minute questionnaire.

Once you fill it out, we will be in touch with more details.

Let’s make history!

Additionally, GetUp! are giving free tickets away to AUWU members to its Future to Fight For campaign events next month in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. This event will feature the famed Job Guarantee advocate and key economic advisor to the Sanders campaign Steph Kelton. Apply online for a free solidarity ticket here – just remember to say you are an AUWU member when you submit your application!

Justice For Josh Snap Action

It’s now been over 30 months since 18-year old Josh Park-Fing died on his Toowoomba ‘Work for the Dole’ site – yet, the Morrison government still refuses all requests to release the report into his death, or take any responsibility for this dangerous program.  In fact, last month the Morrison government significantly expanded this punitive and dangerous program. Two-and-a-half years after their tragic loss, Josh’s grieving family continues to wait for answers.

Josh’s employment service provider NEATO has now been fined a measly $90k for forcing him into a compliance activity that ultimately took his life.

Join the AUWU’s Snap Rally at Kelly O’Dwyer’s office tomorrow afternoon to demand Justice For Josh and help us present this petition! RSVP below.

To ramp up the pressure, we are also asking people to call Kelly’s office office on (03) 9822 4422. Tell her to release the report into Josh’s death. Ask her why her government continues to roll out a program that fails to meet proper workplace health & safety standards 64% of the time. And tell her, for the safety and well-being of all workers, to shut this awful program down

Trouble Calling Centrelink? Contact Keenan!

If you thought being on hold was bad enough, the government has made it even harder for unemployed workers to contact Centrelink. The Newstart line now automatically hangs up on unemployed workers if there are not enough staff on the line.

This is a disgrace.

Centrelink have ignored 106 million calls since 2016.

If you cannot get through to the Newstart line, contact the Human Services Minister Michael Keenan’s office and ask them to put you through. If we all call, they will take notice.

You can also call your local MP who should be able to put you straight through to Centrelink.

Also sign our petition for a adequately staffed free-call number here.